Energy creams to improve the complexion

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There are also energy creams that can help a skin come to your, but before you apply them, make sure that they do not cause an averse reaction: closely study the composition, especially for sensitive skin.

In energy creams are ofttimes used various biologically efficient components. Sage has stimulating affinity, rose petals soften a skin and improve its structure; ginseng tonic and stimulates metabolism, cocoa juice helps the cells to store energy and improve their breath microalgae extract nourishes the face, giving it a tone and elasticity; cloudberry butter and cranberry preserve the organic rate skin moisture.

Most of these creams are used after a winter, or as a base for make-up - in such cases is to pick a daily energy cream, and use them in a satisfying, of the cleansing a face and neck skin.

Currently, almost all cosmetic enterprises, however a famous and big, and developing, producing a variety of items to improve or evens. Even make-up colors to align a person making the majority of enterprises currently, contains ingredients that help facial skin restore beauty and freshness.

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Service neck. Fine neck

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Often, a young girl's age gives neck skin. It is on it, however on wood, there are "annual rings." Therefore, put maintenance of the neck skin should get early, with 25 years. You provided 1/2 a battle, if you learn that a neck is as significant a part of the aging body, like the face that it needs the same careful treatment, upkeep and efforts.

If you want to prevent wrinkles, pick up attention of neck facial skin part of a carefully. Early however it want rinse with very cold-blooded aqua neck skin. It is good to send her out of the shower stream. After h2o therapy, wipe neck skin tonic suitable type of the facial skin, or cucumber juice. Read more -->

Useful treatments for neck self-massage the neck

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We present you some treatments for the neck skin. Self-massage neck beauticians recommend to do each day. Self-massage strengthens a neck skin muscles of the facial skin, neck skin allows you to clear your facial skin of toxins and deposits, improves blood circulation. Isolated dry and wet methods neck skin massage. To preserve the beauty of the neck longer should a rightly pillow...

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Covers Lip

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To polish skin of the lips, to give freshness and organic glow, try to create a cover for lips:

Nourishing cover for lips: Blend a small kolichesvto serum and carrot juice to carry on a lips, in 5-7 min, rinse with cool water. Th "mask" of cream or carrot juice.

In order to not dry out a lips, use a lip following mask: Apply a mixing of cucumber or carrot juice, natural honey, sour cream and curds. After 15 minutes of preparation butter grease lip

To soften skin lips and therapy of small cracks mask is used for lips: mix grated on a fine grater big apple with 1 teaspoon. The butter, then put weight on his lips for 15-30 minutes. So rinse with cool aqua.

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Lip service: folk remedies for cracked lips

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Several minutes every day smazhem lips recent a butter or melted fat bird. Thus, we will provide your facial skin with vitamin B and soften them.

Cook casseroles? Take a small cheese, a drop of carrot nectar and do a cover for lips. Vitamins A and C, so well how eating lips provided.

If the cracks on the lips of a deep - it would make an active cream: 5 grams rhizomes of Potentilla wipe the powder and make in 200 g of a butter. This serum will be therapeutic substances and vitamins B.

If weathered lips - hot up a candle wax with hemp butter, combine and composition namazh lips at night. In a morning anything will be okay.

To prevent potential overnight lubricate lips any veg breeding juice or honey - perfectly nourishes, detoxifies, provides essence trace elements.

Scratches and cracks on the lips are correctly treated porridge of medium apples assorted with butter. Face receives medication and diet.

If the lips appear red spots - so soon facial skin will begin to peel. Read more -->

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