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Anti Masks for fase specifically designed for female and problem skin. Covers of this group are not only nicely cleanse and tightens pores, but as well possess an antibacterial capacity, regulate a activity of a sebaceous glands.

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Covers for sensitive face

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Peeling face will soften the mask of boiled potatoes. It want be boiled in your skins little murphy, peeled and crushed. When a potatoes will be slightly heartwarming, it should be imposed on a person for 15 minutes so Carefully wash off - all highly simple. You can throw in to this a potatoes 1 tbsp milk and 1 teaspoon olive butter - this cover will be more nutritious, and makes the facial skin mild. Mashed potatoes may be assorted with raw egg 2 tbsp mashed potatoes and boiled egg - this mask rightly nourishes and moisturizes a face.

Some women may not Carefully wash with soap and water - the skin is however sensitive, and even sparing the foams and gels may cause irritation. In such cases, may help potato paste, added to aqua for ablution.

Murphy starch (1 teaspoonful) need stir in polish cold-blooded h2o (1 tablespoon) for however long however a homogeneous mixing. Read more -->

A apply of facial skin covers. Applying masks

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But before we impose a cover to well polish skin. Especially efficacious cover so peels, after a steam bath or hot compress. Apply a cover to a massotherapy lines.

Skin cover can be used with a brush, sponge, brush, cotton swab or fingertips. All this must be immaculately clean out.

After that, to accomplish a greater capacity is desirable to cover a facial skin with hot gauze or aluminum foil.

Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, astringent and clay covers, and masks that contain sweet fruit, fresh vegetables and cereals, oily skin Thoroughly wash off with lukewarm aqua (with a cotton swab). To fix a capacity in the aqua, It is possible to add grapefruit extract or apple cider vinegar (a teaspoon in a glass of water). Gerls with ordinary to very dry facial skin is better to use in this case, the infusion of herbs, weak tea, milk, bisque hips, salted coldness boiled h2o. Read more -->

Eye Attention

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Home remedies for bruises and circles under the eyes


However, there are home remedies that will help restore a healthy tone and color sensitive facial skin under the eyes. For example, have rid of a circles under her eyes and bruises will compress with the infusion of sage. Before going to bed make 1 teaspoonful in 100 ml of stewing aqua and close a vial for Fifteen minutes. One part of a cool down in the fridge, and the other slightly warm. Then soak in a heated compote of two little pieces of cotton wool and put them on closed eyes. Of the 10 minutes, do possess a coldness compress. Read more -->

Cleansing the face with olive oil

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A first item to learn - to clean a face with olive oil. A simplest scrub: millet bran (TWO spoon) and a like quantity of oil to combine, knead your facial skin and neck skin for 1-TWO minutes, so wash with soft water.

Cleansing milk for preparation need a glass of natural milk, cucumber, olive butter (1 teaspoon) and a essence oil that suits you (1-2 drops). Cucumber rub on a small grater, pour lukewarm milk and insist a cover in an hour. Then filter, add oil - olive and essence, mix and apply - how a light night serum, nourishing cleanser and makeup remover. Natural milk may be stored in the refrigerator for TWO-3 days.

Cover with olive oil

Face masks with olive butter you can do with any skin type.

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Covers for sensitive skin

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It is best to prepare covers of the simplest items. For example, a mask of serum, milk, cucumber soothe the face, moisturizing, softening and nourishing it. A face skin lightening, and redness and irritation disappear.

Can be imposed on a person for 15 minutes of grated cucumber mush, or just a cucumber, thinly sliced??- however appropriate. Cheese may be rubbed with a spoon and put on the face and It is possible to mix up it with natural milk 1:1. Good mask is obtained from a mixing of all these items. Dumplings (1 tbsp) ground with natural milk (2 spoon) and cucumber porridge (1 tablespoon), and a mixture is applied to a facial skin for 15-20 minutes.

Sensitive skin similar a cover of cream, natural milk, carrots and ripe bananas. Read more -->

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