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Cream Chanel Precision Eclat Originel Maximum Radiance Comfort Cream - comfort, designed specifically for dull, dry facial skin. It contains juice of shiitake, penetrating into a skin and works with a inside. The formula works on micro, smoothes and moisturizes the skin, allowing it to consummate reflect a light. Complexion improves and the face gradually returns shine, but to use this cream to a some months to have a stable effect.

Exfoliating Gel Chanel Gommage Microperle Eclat also improves a complexion, removing dead skin cells lining a relief and restoring dull facial skin a polish, healthy color. The structure consists of creamy gel microparticles jojoba pollen pearls, grown in vitro, so right so plant extracts, giving a skin a healthy and fresh. Use this gel 2-3 minutes a week.

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