Causes of sensitive face


It is still potential to list a basic reasons why the skin becomes sensitive.

Improper upkeep may frazzle the facial skin, and it becomes too sensitive. This may occur with the apply of poor-quality cosmetics, which includes mineral oil, petroleum products, or failure to use protective cream. Facial skin can not tolerate such treatment indefinitely - destroy lipid layer of a protective function.

At times there is a skin, which is called unstable, it may be in a period of extraordinary sensitivity, then again back to rule. These periods may last up to two years, and most ofttimes associated with stress, which is going through a aging body - disease, trauma, treatment with antibiotics, severe fatigue, etc.

Sensitive skin may be of any type, after infectious, gastrointestinal, facial skin, and endocrine diseases, or due to allergies. In this case, as correctly, and in many others, restore skin health can alone solve all health problems - or do not help by any means.

Maybe however that a face is prone to sensitivity of birth: it is thin and very dry, it contains highly small fat, and the horny layer is thin and protective pigment produced more some.

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