Causes of sensitive skin


Most often a case with such skin blondes or redheads women. A external stimuli act on her disastrous: the summer heating, winter cold and strong wind, UV radiation, dust and other corrosive factors. This is required to defend a facial skin, provide her with adequate food and protection.

Identify causes of skin sensitivity, you can find individual solutions to this problem - in each case, a approach will be different.

Sensitive skin attention

So, there are ways that always helps to do the facial skin more healthy and sweet, to return to her tone, relieve irritation and slow aging - are all potential home and folk remedies. Most ofttimes it is a mask, creams, lotions, prepared on the basis of variant products: juices, fruit, vegetables, natural milk, eggs, and anything that can give our skin nutrition, hygiene and defense.

Earlier It is possible to apply home remedies, you want make sure you are not averse to their constituents. To do this, we must create a little cream or lotion and rub on a small area of?? facial skin. May be applied to a lips - you are more sensitive and react immediately. However, it is best to put the items that It is possible to safely eat - then an allergic reaction will not.

Wash and rinse all of the masks in the leaving of sensitive face can alone lukewarm water.

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