Masks for sensitive facial skin


It is best to prepare masks of the simplest items. For example, a mask of serum, natural milk, cucumber soothe a facial skin, moisturizing, softening and nourishing it. The masks for skin skin lightening, and redness and irritation disappear.

Can be imposed on a person for Fifteen minutes of grated cucumber mush, or just a cucumber, thinly sliced??- so appropriate. Cheese can be rubbed with a spoon and put on a face and you can mix up it with natural milk 1:1. Goodness cover is obtained from a mixture of all these products. Cheese (1 tbsp) ground with milk (2 tbsp.) and cucumber gruel (1 soup spoon), and the mixture is applied to the face for 15-20 minutes.

Sensitive face like a cover of fluid, natural milk, carrots and big bananas. Cheese, grated carrots and mashed big banana pulp pick up 1 soup spoon, add TWO spoon natural milk and closely triturated. Impose a cover for 15 minutes.

Even more simple item that is always in the house - it's potatoes, and a cover derived with it are great.

Extremely very dry and sensitive skin calm down if the facial skin for Fifteen minutes to put on a mask of grated grate raw potatoes with a little amount of olive butter.

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