Oils for face elasticity


One of these oils - Kockum Oil Garcinia Indian. This is a solid oil extracted from the seeds of the fruits of a tree growing in a south-west of India, cold-blooded-pressed way, it softens a skin, stimulates cell renewal and protects against dryness, improves its elasticity. Part of the oil used in medicine Garcinia mixtures in the therapy of peeling, cracks and sores.

Rice - known culture in our country, but that rice bran oil is used in cosmetics, some know. Get this rice bran butter, it softens, moisturizes, prevents early wrinkles, has a regenerating effect, and is specifically recommended for gerls aged 50 years and older. It includes squalene, is required for ordinary metabolism in the face, it absorbs quickly and does not close the pores. You can use it to care for prettily babies and the skin as a sunscreen.

Borage butter, as well known so borage butter or borage is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and your concentration is more big. There are a lot of other nutrients, however it is used in a therapy of skin and other diseases. It is used for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, allergies, face inflammations and even mastitis, included in a composition of cosmetics and dietary supplements, it revives tired, fading very dry facial skin, it keeps moisture and restores its structure, protective affinity and elasticity.

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